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More Covers and specials coming soon

All our music is only available in vinyl at this time

7 inch

Vision - Ras Ico / Heavy way - The shades (out of stock)

Still shining and dub - The shades / Still dubbing - The shades (out of stock)

Jah Irror - Jah bast / Reflect of i'n'idub - The shades (out of stock)

Deep roots hold on - The shades / Hold on dub - The shades

See mount Zion - Ras Ico / Zion high dub - The shades

Bottomless pit - The shades / Part II - The shades

Search within yoursel - Ras Ico / Temple of I dub - The shades

I words passing through - The shades / Ightsful sound - The shades

Who lay the foundation - Jah bast / Walk upon the winds dub - The shades

Libyans free - The shades / Freedom fighter dub tribute - The shades

All as one - Jah bast / Trodding and learning - Jah bast

Before the sun - Ras Ico / After the skank - The shades

Flowing stream dub - The shades / Rivers to the sea - The shades

Babylon surrender now - Ras Ico / Honour the dub - The shades

Feather and Lead - The shades / Thy hands version - The shades

Bringing freedom - Ras Ico / Light of this world - Ras Ico

-It's time to forgive - Ras Ico / The reminder - The shades

-Itemplation - Ash and Willow / Like the raindrops - Ras Ico

-From far away - The shades / Trials in kurdistan - The shades

-I give Thanks -  Ras Ico and The shades / Black moon - The shades

-The caterpilar- Ras Ico and the sahdes/ will become a butterfly- Ras ico and the shades

- Ras mani- the shades / Love and harmony- Ash and Willow

- Crying for peace- Rs ico and the shades/ The first day- Ras ico and the shades



Children's prayer- Red foot and the shades

Soon come



We can mix dubplates and specials  for Sound systems, best is to contact  and reason together. 





Jah Work is the only way

 for I n' I in this time.

Put your trust in H.I.M.


"When the world will be ready,

          no one will be hungry,

                no one will be thirsty."

Strictly Raw Roots Music label 


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