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What a joy to share Jah music,
you can check I'n'I records
through this page,  or
different webshops:
Onlyroots/ fr
Harderwise / uk
Rastavibes / fr
Reggae fever / ch
Discogs/ wareikasound
GG record shop/ brazil
And traditional shops
Sounds records / geneva
Dig it / geneva
Bongo Joe records / geneva
Rasputin / berkeley
Amoeba /  san francisco
If you are not in a hurry and you live
in france or switzerland, we can send
records to you personnally.
Prices  ---  7 inch :  between 1 and 10  -  7 chf or 6 eu / pce
                                    shipping: 6 chf or 4 eu for france and 7 eu for the rest of europe
              --- LP :         between 1 and 10  -  25 chf or 22 eur
                                    shipping: 10 chf or 8 eu for france and 11 eu for the rest of europe
Contact:  ........



Original Logo Art Work by Ivan

If you just want to have a reasonin' with InI, , you can reach

us through email.


As a small independent label, we struggle to forward constantly, so we welcome any donations.

We give thanks if you just consider.

Ites of Love,

Guidance and Itection

Thanks to One and All,

"When the world will be ready,

          no one will be hungry,

                no one will be thirsty."

Strictly Raw Roots Music label 


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